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July 2010

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asoiaf | Lannister [Jaime]

revengent in lovetosign

Hello there!

I'm the first to do an intro post.  Yay!  You can call me Revie, I'm a girl, and is quite random at times.

But anyways, I'm not deaf or hard of hearing, but I love ASL!  I've been learning for about two years now.  I was taught by my best friend that took it in school (I took spanish...no bueno), he was the guy that went and learned more on his own.  He was always signing, and I eventaully caught on to it too.  

We go to silent dinners together where the local deaf community get together and hang out at the mall.  I've met some really cool people, and it really helped my signing skills to talk to deaf people and others that are really fluent in ASL.  I'm pretty fluent now.  :)  I'm still working on it.  But me and my friend always sign to speak when we are together and people always think we are deaf.  lol

I'm online a lot, so if anyone needs help, you can ask me!




Hi, welcome to this community. I also love ASL and plan to take it in the fall.
Hi, I'm Meg and I JUST started to learn asl, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me here and there with questions I may have? Also I was wondering if you have any resources you could share. I learn by seeing and doing, but have yet to find any sites that have actual conversation on video you can watch rather than just a picture. Any suggestions?