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July 2010

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night_hawk45 in lovetosign

Hello There

I am learning ASL and I took classes. I use ASL all the time and I socialize with the deaf every month. I now am having trouble learning  because I am told that I need to be signing more and more fleunt. Any suggestions?


Watching people's videoblogs is a good way to improve comprehension. If you can find someone to be a chat partner on Skype, that'd be great for comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and conversational skills.
Who is telling you that you need to sign more fluent? Is it your instructor? If so, maybe you can ask them on ways you can improve. Teachers will always try to challenge you to help you imrpove. Also, how are you having trouble learning?

I agree with the first comment. Watching videoblogs and skyping with people definitely helps. Also, have you thought about attending workshops?
Instructors and interpreters. When a person voices what I sign it sounds either kid like or it's not even close and it makes me sound stupid. I used to learn in a classroom and now I'm learning on my own. As for actual sign I have to use a new sign in an actual conversation in order for me to learn the sign. I have never actually attended a workshop because I'm busy with school. I don't have Skye.
Skype is something you can download online. It's just like downloading AIM. Also, do you know anybody who is Deaf? You should ask them about talking to you through Video Relay.

If you want, feel free to send me a message on LJ. I'd be happy to talk with you more about it. :)